Countdown to the big day!!!!!

Here are a few tips to help ensure the planning of your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

Save the date cards

Save the date cards are a great way of announcing your wedding date in advance of sending out you luxury invitations to make sure guests keep the date free. This is particularly useful if you’re getting married in during busy holiday periods, and if you’re inviting overseas guests who will need to plan a trip to your wedding.

These cards are generally sent out around three to six months before the wedding, although you could send them out as early as a year before. Ideally, they should match the style of the invitations that will follow. Depending on who is hosting the wedding, they can be sent either by the couple or by the parents.

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily need to send one to every guest — but make sure that those who receive one are also on your final guest list.

The guest list affects many of the wedding decisions the engaged couple will make, including the selections for wedding stationery. So, before any of the luxury invitations, stationery, and so on can be purchased, you both have to set the guest list and determine the total number of guests.

Your guest list generally drives other decisions, so it’s often an idea to write the list sooner rather than later. Two of the earliest concerns dependent on final guest count are the total budget and the luxury invitation requirements.

The guest count has a trickle-down effect on just about all matters related to the wedding. If your list is extremely long, you both may want to ask only a handful of close friends and family to the ceremony and invite everyone to the reception. The size of the guest list can also affect the mood and tone of the day, as well as the size of your wedding party.

How many luxury invites do I need to order?

Once you have decided on your number of guests, send one per family, and to this number add a small quantity to cater for any mistakes and extra guests you may decide to invite at a later stage.

What information is required on a  luxury wedding invitation?

Who: Couple’s names, Host’s names
What: Your Wedding
When: Date and time (ceremony and reception if there is no reception card)
Where: Ceremony and reception location(s) (if there is a reception card you need only put the address of where the ceremony is taking place)

Your luxury invitation needs to have all the information that a guest needs about your wedding. The most important information is the names of those who are hosting the wedding (such as the parents of the bride), the names of the bride and groom, the time and date of the ceremony, the location of the ceremony and possibly reception, and finally, the RSVP information . It is also highly recommended that you include a map card that provides directions to ceremony and/or reception.

Traditionally, details of the wedding gift list weren’t mentioned in the invitation — guests were expected to telephone the bride’s parents and ask them for gift ideas. These days, however, it is standard practice to give details of a gift list in an invitation.

When should I order them?

You will need to order the luxury invitations at least three months in advance, or as long as possible in advance, and as soon as you have a good idea of numbers. The printing process can take time, and you’ll need to scrutinize the proofs for errors very carefully.

When should I send out luxury invitations?

Send out your luxury invitations at least six weeks before the wedding. The average amount of time is between ten and twelve weeks before the big day.

You will need to record responses as they arrive, and potentially send out further luxury invitations to people on the reserve list, if numbers permit. Don’t leave this too late, as some people might be offended if it’s obvious they were second choice.

What other luxury stationery is needed?

It’s rarely as simple as choosing what style of invitation you want. There are various other stationery items that you may need, from order of service sheets to bowed cameras! Some general examples include:

  • Luxury Wedding Invitations
  • Luxury Boxed Wedding Invitations
  • RSVP Cards
  • Guest name place cards
  • Table number cards
  • Favour boxes
  • Confetti cones
  • Message tags
  • Paper flowers
  • Table plan
  • order of service sheets
  • Menus
  • Thank you cards

Many of these items make delightful keepsakes and can be a great way of continuing a theme through a wedding